Innovative Hams

Tradition and innovation to conceive new products

Some products come from an idea, they cross reason and generate an evolved and natural experience. This is the universe of “purists”, of those driven by passion to imagine a product which doesn’t exist yet. They want it different to the conventional, irregular, as unique as every situation inspired by passion. They present it on a stage you don’t expect, because the place where this culinary dream comes to life is prestigious and rare just like the product that breathes inside it.

The other Cà Dante products


Monte Cimone is good for our Hams

Monte Cimone is the highest peak of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It is the ideal place for our prosciutto factory, where the deepest and intimate side of the mountain is revealed, where we respect the environment and the rhtyhms of nature, where everything is transformed into art…


Innovate in the footsteps of tradition

We process our hams in a cutting-edge facility equipped with advanced heat recovery technologies, to ensure constant air exchange and a product of outstanding healthiness and quality.