High quality Italian Hams

We have chosen to work in the heart of the Modena Apennines, in a health-rich environment, with certified pig farms and slaughterhouses that guarantee traceability of the supply chain to produce high quality Italian hams.

Which one do you want to know first?

Cimone is good for our Hams

Monte CImone is the highest peak of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It is the ideal place for our prosciutto factory, where the deepest and intimate side of the mountain is revealed, where we respect the environment and the rhythms of nature, where everything is transformed into art…


Innovate in the footsteps of tradition

We process our hams in a cutting-edge facility equipped with advanced heat recovery technologies, to ensure constant air exchange and a product of outstanding health and quality.


Discover what makes our mountain-born hams different

To understand the quality of our products, you need to know them and, most of all, taste them.
Cà Dante opens its doors to lovers of good Italian food for a gourmet tasting. For B2B operators it is also possible to visit the production plant.
We invite you to Fanano, to the heart of the Emilia-Romagna Apennines, to taste exceptional hams and enjoy a territory rich in history and gastronomic culture.


A taste is just a click away

If you want to taste the high quality of mountain-hams, in particular Prosciutto Casatagnolo BIO, just click