Innovate in the footsteps of tradition

We process our hams in a cutting-edge facility equipped with advanced heat recovery technologies, to ensure constant air exchange and a product of outstanding healthiness and quality.

We are artisans of ham

Precision, skill, competence, experience, rigour… and underneath the thick skin typical of people from around here, heart… this is what we ask from those who work at Fattoria Cà Dante. We are attached to our land, we have been living in this valley our whole lives, we know its weather, its potentials… and we know how to make the most of these elements to achieve the aroma, color, intensity and uniqueness of our prosicutto crudo. We do have state of the art facilities, but we use the warm hands of our artisans to grease, their strong and steady arms to debone, their expert eyes and palms to salt. There are strict rules to be followed in our work, but it also takes passion.

Our story starts from afar

“I grew up here, surrounded by the Modena Apennines, at the foot of Monte Cimone. Winters here have a biting clean air, the art of stonemasons has become a tradition here in Fanano and gained worldwide recognition; local families knew me because “I was Antonio’s son… the son of the man who wanted to show everybody that the best hams are also produced in Fanano.” Families, precisely my point. And all the teachings and the trades they pass down, just as my own family did. Since 1968, my family has been processing pork meat in the attempt to achieve my father’s goal. He taught me to see everything that can still be improved in what we do and, most importantly, he taught me to work hard to achieve it. In my own life I have wanted to search for/create a distinctive mark. I was taught that “only those who know traditions can innovate”, and so I came up with Castagnolo.. which embodies the intensity of our mountains, the aroma of autumn…but that is another story inside our story, it is what makes us unique on the market.

I am Stefano, from Fattoria Cà Dante.

Only those who know traditions can innovate

Stefano Pelloni, CEO Cà Dante

For the more curious...

In 1968, Cavalier Ufficiale Fernando Pelloni with his son Antonio and wife Petronilla Lusignoli opened the Salumificio Pelloni & C. S.n.c. in Ponte Leo. The first slaughterhouse and processing facility of the Cimone district was built on the site of an old spinning mill, to offer a service to the local cheesemakers who bred pigs on milk serum and to provide quality meat to butchers from all over the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Inititally, 9 pigs were slaughtered per week and a few hams hung to cure in the cellar of the family’s inn. Much has changed since then, the activity has grown and the son Antonio who sent the pork legs to the area of Parma had a specific idea: show everyone that the best hams in the world could also be made in Fanano. And so it was that with his children Stefano and Margherita and wife Giuliana, he set up a new prosciutto factory with annexed shop in Cà Dante of Trentino: a cutting-edge facility equipped with advanced heat recovery technologies, to ensure constant air exchange and a product of outstanding healthiness and quality.

Where we respect the environment and the rhythms of nature

Energy produced by our photovoltaic system from 2017 to date


Savings in CO2 emissions from 2017 to date


tonnes equivalent to 17,463 trees planted

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